& the Nobel Peace Prize goes to…Nadia Murad.

The ONLY story worth telling or hearing is Triumph over Adversity.  These stories create the energy that can help us to muster the strength to rise to meet our own challenges.  It would not be possible to find a more powerful example of this than the 2018 winner of this most meaningful prize.

So, life is going to come at us.  The circumstances that arise are not within our control…but something personal and powerful most certainly is: our reaction and our point of view.   The first question to ask yourself is whether u have a moral duty & the legal or physical ability to report the thing.  It is not fair to turn inward.  If there is a bad system or a bad person on the loose…this becomes the next woman’s problem and u r a willing accomplice if u do not at least attempt to shut it down.

The second thing to consider is this.  U r a tough person who has dealt with tough circumstances in a  brave and honorable way…or maybe u r so fresh in the world that this is not yet your CV…but let’s be real-its the CV u want, so it is time to become that person.  The event does not  limit u.  the event means that u are fire tested.   U have managed to endure tough stuff & u have taken the lessons from the event.  U have done your due diligence to protect others and look after your own physical and mental repair as needed and now it is time to give this event NO MORE POWER.  It is nothing more than a line item on your brilliant, courageous personal CV.  U r magnificent U.  U r NOT this isolated event.  U r much more colourful and weird and wild and interesting and WONDERFUL than the things that happen to u.  Actually, u r the SUM TOTAL of every life experience and every hard choice u have made.  U r a SHARK swimming gracefully towards bluer water.

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